Friday, January 1, 2010

Half Baked: Why and What For

I don't make New Years' resolutions. At least, I pretend not to. But I have my list, of course ... the things that I keep meaning to do to change my life, or perhaps nudge it along in the right direction. One of them is blogging. I read blogs, particularly food blogs, and think, gee, why shouldn't I have fame and fortune, and travel to BlogHer?

I bake cupcakes, cookies, granola, and a host of other things. That accounts for perhaps half of my cooking. (Some people have told me I'm good enough at it that I should open a bakery. I revel in this praise, but have not mustered up enough courage to do anything about it.) The other half is attempts at healthy meals for our little family, in the minimal amount of time I have as a full time working outside the home mom. Sometimes I think I'm a little half-baked, myself, hence the blog title; I am a work in progress.

But honestly, some things are just better when they're still just a little gooey in the middle.

So here goes ... a half-baked blog for a new decade. I'm hoping to use this space to be reflective about my own journey, and to join a community of people who will help me to finish the baking.
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  1. Hi Justine. I thought I'd start at the beginning... and since this seems a very interesting place to revisit this evening, in particular, and since you had no comments on your first post, I thought I'd remind you about it. Looking forward to the reading. Bon courage for the journey!


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