Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seeking Crafty/Creative Bloggers Who Sell Stuff!

Just a quick note: if you are a crafty/creative blogger who has a small business in gift-able items (food included), I want to know! I'm writing an article, and am scouring the web for great reads and great gifts. Leave a comment below with your blog address and a link for your shop (Etsy or otherwise), if you have one.

I'll be back soon with more droolworthy posts. :)
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  1. I sell photos on etsy for adoption-

  2. I sell art on Fine Art America,

    There are options to buy cards, up to very large prints or framed pieces.

  3. Hi Justine, I'm here to answer the comment you wrote on the Facebook page for Stumbles & Stitches, the blog which I co-write with my friend Angel. We'd be happy to have you write about our blog and our new Etsy shops. Thank you for considering us!

    BLOG: Stumbles & Stitches
    - Demeter Rising Designs by Angel Funk
    - Jenny Bartoy ~ Handmade Designs

    Let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us both at stumblesstitches AT ymail DOT com.

    We also have some blogger friends who have shops with wonderful items for gifts. Here they are:

    Lil Fish Studios (Lisa Jordan)
    SHOP: (she updates regularly but often sells out quickly)

    Feathered Nest Studio (Jennet Jones-Rau)

    Imagine Gnats (Rachael Gander)

    Bread & Salt (Keli Faw)

  4. Great blog!! Thought I'd do a little stalking, and I might as well add myself here :)

    Karen Mitzel
    Lots of Christmas recycled wooly giftables :)

  5. i found your blog from Jenny (above, from Stumbles & Stitches), who was very sweet to give you my links :)

    you can email me directly at rachael at imaginegnats dot com. also, i posted on my blog today a list of blogs/etsy shops if you'd like some more links.

    thank you!


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