Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Perfect Moment ... Wednesday?

On the last Monday of each month, my lovely friend Lavender Luz at Write Mind Open Heart sponsors Perfect Moment Monday, a blog hop/writing prompt that offers an opportunity to notice and reflect on the "perfect moments" in our lives, rather than create them.  These moments can be ordinary, momentous, or somewhere in between.  Everyone is welcome to join.  

So it's not Monday.  But I already posted a picture of my perfect moment in December (go click over, I assure you it's worth the thirty seconds of your time) and Lori assures me that I can still submit my post for this month, because she's a good human being.  Maybe this will guarantee me two perfect moments in January.


Of all of the things I am called to do these days, I hate supervising teeth-brushing the most.  More than laundry, even: at least my laundry doesn't fight back, or claim that it's dying or that I'm mortally wounding it by giving it an extra thorough scrubbing.

And thanks to my husband, there are always dental hygiene products in our Christmas stockings.  His grandfather was a doctor, and so soap and toothpaste and toothbrushes made regular appearances in his family stockings since he was a child; we've married that tradition with the "school supply" tradition that comes from my family, but somehow, the pencils never seem to elicit tears.

But I have to hand it to him: this year, he picked a winner.

When my son opened his stocking, and found a toothbrush that played "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, I rolled my eyes.  A lot.  It's true: I was a doubting Thomas.

Last night, I walked into the bathroom to find my six-year-old swaying his hips to "tonight's gonna be ... a good night ... yeah, tonight's gonna be ... a good, good night" and ... well, it wasn't long before I was dancing, too.

There we both were, he grinning open-mouthed into the mirror and then at me, swaying his hips, toothpaste-laced saliva dripping from his mouth, and me, pumping the air and dancing and singing.  It was, in a word, perfect.  And when the music finally stopped, he looked at me wisely, eyebrow arched, and said, "you know, mom, they made these toothbrushes so that parents could feel happier while kids brushed their teeth."

Moral of the story: dance more.  It makes dental hygiene a little more fun.
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  1. I need to get a pair of those toothbrushes. We could use them as portable karaoke machines to flash mob that dancy song around town.

    Thanks for the second look at your other perfect moment. Love that you have a December birthday, too :-)

    Yay for extended Perfect Moment Mondays!

  2. oh, how delightful! "dance more" should be the moral to every story - right????

  3. The title of your post should read 'Picture Perfect Mondays'

    I can imagine two figures singing and dancing with tooth brushes and like Lori comparing them to Karaoke machines. Such a cute scene.

    Seize and Savor the moments, coz before you know it they'll be gone.

  4. This made me grin! Sweet, perfect moments :) *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x

  5. What a fun post! I've been curious about those musical toothbrushes, and not quite sure how I feel about Justin Bieber singing into my jawbone... but I guess they work for kids :) My wife's family does the toothbrush-in-your-Christmas-stocking thing too. Glad to know it's practiced elsewhere, too :)

  6. I want one of those toothbrushes just for me!


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