Monday, March 30, 2015

#Microblog Mondays: The Things I (Now) Hate

We were coloring (not drawing) with markers.

Despite the stockpile of crayons in all 96 colors (and more, given the slight variations in color depending on brand), and the fact that the markers were half-dried-up anyway, requiring smaller-than-usual strokes and frequent breaks, like tired workers, that's what she wanted.

I hate markers.  I can't even tell you why, exactly.  I can speculate that I find them wasteful, or frustrating because they're either too inky or not inky enough; I can admit that I often find myself trying to clean the marker lines that were the continuation of lines made on the page, which found themselves unexpectedly (though too predictably) on the table or the counter.

But I also know that I loved markers when I was a kid, too.  Was it because they were contraband?  Because my parents hated them, so I had to love them?  Because they were bright?  Because the color came so easily and could be distributed so evenly with such little effort?  Because I marveled at the power of the ink to bleed right through the page?  Because of the smell?  (Yes, definitely the smell.  Especially the Mister Sketch markers scented markers from elementary school art class, which came in 12 different fragrances.)

We're often told that we'll learn to like things as we grow older, as our tastes become more refined.  But at what point we decide, as adults, to hate some of the things we loved as children?  I don't think it has to do with having children (because I know childless adults who feel the same way I do), but I also can't pinpoint another moment when things changed.

What things do you now hate that you used to love as a child?

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  1. Oh, now you've got me thinking. I can think of many things I "loathed" as a kid that I now like. But the other way around? Need to think about that one.

    Though I totally understand the marker frustration. At least with paint and crayons I feel like I either now what I'm setting myself up for or have a fighting chance.

  2. A lot of craft supplies fall here---glitter, tiny pom poms and googly eyes, play doh, GLUE. Stickers, that I have to peel off the floor every day.


  3. Ummmmm....candles. OK I don't hate them, but I like them less because I think they are a fire hazard. But I loved candles for a long time. For a while when I was a kid we used to light candles, turn off the lights, put on music and dance together as a family. I loved that. Then we stopped doing it (because we knocked candles over?)

  4. I adore how you can grip me with a piece about such an ordinary thing.

    For me it's junk food. And soda. I can't reconcile that a version of me ever considered a McDonald's hamburger and Coke as yummy.

  5. This is a hard one. Nothing really pops to mind.

    Though I still love markers (especially sharpie), it annoys me when they're drying out. Because they look totally fine on the outside, and then you uncap them and they're dried out.

  6. I've never liked coloring with markers, on paper at least. Always hated seeing the unevenness of the brush strokes--are they brush strokes with markers?

    I hate gerbils. But I can pinpoint that to a fifth grade classroom pet latching on to my pinky finger. Other than that, I can only think of foods. Baby corn and water chestnuts in particular.


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