Monday, August 24, 2015

#Microblog Monday: Unfamiliar

(With apologies to those of you who get squirmy about feet, because I know there are people like that out there...)
So, this happened this weekend, courtesy of N.:

N. loves nail polish.  Fingers, toes, doesn't much matter.  Last week it was blue with sparkles, but she really wanted pink, because her friend L. had pink.  For $0.99, I figured she could have pink.

I never wear anything polish, never mind hot pink toenail polish, but I couldn't resist her when she asked if she could paint my toenails, too. I doing a double-take when I look down at my feet.  Aaaah! They're pink.  Aaaaaah!  They're still pink.  It's disconcerting.

But also sort of fun.

Have you ever done something that made you look unfamiliar to yourself, temporarily?

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  1. Some of my haircuts have made me look unfamiliar to myself! Fortunately temporarily, but not as easy to change as pink toenails.

    Every time I get new glasses I feel that too.

    I'll be curious to know how long you keep the pink polish.

  2. Yes, I have, and it's the same thing as this!

    You have pretty feet. And I say this as someone who's squirmy about feet.

  3. Love the pink polish, even if it isn't "you". N did a great job painting them...I always make a mess all around my toes!
    Yes, for a friend's wedding, the only wedding I was ever in, because all of that dress-up stuff is not my thing...she had a makeup artist come in and do very heavy, dramatic makeup complete with false eyelashes. It was a total double-take every time I looked in the mirror. I don't wear makeup often at all anyway, so that was a real shock.


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