Friday, February 19, 2010

First Signs of Spring

The air has been warmer these past few days; though the temperature still barely creeps over 40, you can sense that change is coming. Last night I went for a long walk, running part of the way, stopping now and then simply to notice the cool air against my warm cheeks, to drink it in, to taste it.

And it even tastes different; and while the crocuses are not yet peeking through the snowbanks, I can tell that the seasons are shifting, beginning to wake like we do from savasana.

Around here, the first signs of spring also involve seed catalogues. The ones that sit in our bathroom basket all winter, dog-eared pages and black marker circles, finally make their way out to the living room, and sit on Steve's computer until the orders are done. Though we dry seeds from last years' heirloom tomatoes and herbs, we get some fresh seeds for the old standbys: beans, peas, mixed baby greens, arugula. There are always a few experiments: amaranth has taken over our garden for two years now (I'm going to stage a protest against that one this year), and I've been lobbying for butternut squash and kale. I love wandering out to the garden in the evening, picking a few raspberries off of the bushes, still warm from the sun, and gathering a small harvest for dinner.

This year, we also decided to put our names on the waiting list for the CSA at Honeybrook Organic Farm. I've been waiting impatiently to hear back from them since December, when the applications first became available, knowing that their continuing members had until January 31 to renew, and today, not a day after the seed orders went in, the postcard arrived! We're in!

I can't wait for the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, for the challenge of cooking what surprises us in our share each week. And if that weren't enough, there are even pick-your-own privileges that come with membership, so we can drive out to the farm for things like berries and beans!

It's enough to make a girl throw down her snow shovel and jump for joy. Bring on the tomatoes!
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  1. Oy. I am so jealous that spring is in your air. We will not have those signs of change for another five weeks.
    Congratulations on getting into the CSA. Does that include blueberries and stuff? Do you go blueberry picking each year? There is an organic berry farm here that is great.
    And seed porn all the way!!!

  2. They have pick your own strawberries and blackberries, but no blueberries ... believe it or not, I've never gone blueberry picking, even though I used to spend a week in Maine almost every summer visiting family! I guess that'll be a good excuse to go to the farmer's market. *grin*


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