Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not My Pot Pie

Since N's birth, we've felt showered in support, both online and in real life.  This is good for me because I am feeling miserable about things at work: I had replied to some inquires via email in ways that I thought were fine, but didn't cc people replacing me so they knew what I was doing and why, and was accused of "calculating to cause confusion."  As any late term pregnant woman or parent of a newborn will attest, calculating anything is pretty much beyond my ability these days ... I'm lucky if I've taken a shower.  I am not sleeping for more than two hours at a stretch.  It almost seems like they want me to quit so they can restructure the office.  If that's the case, I wish they'd say so, because between my whacked-out hormones and increasing anxiety about my value at work, I'm going to need to call a therapist in to do home visits.

One of the things we seem to have no time to do this time around is cook ... it's remarkable, really, how the addition of one small person to your household can throw everything into upheaval.  Luckily, we've had some friends make us dinner, which has been a godsend.  The other night, one of our friends brought over a pot pie that we devoured, along with an apple crisp and salad.  I figured since I'm not doing much of my own cooking these days, I'd blog the gifted pot pie, with my gratitude to C. for a home cooked multi-course meal, and for nourishing the body and spirit.

Not My Pot Pie

1 lb. or so boneless skinless chicken breasts (you could probably use tempeh)
2 to 3 c. vegetables cut into large chunks (carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, peas, etc.)
3 T. butter
2 T. flour
2 c. chicken stock
salt, pepper, paprika, curry, sage to taste
home made savory crust or store bought puff pastry

Brown chicken in pan, steam whatever veggies you want until just tender.

In pan, melt butter and add flour, stirring until caramel-colored (maybe 2 or 3 min.), then slowly stir in stock, cooking until thickened. Take off heat. Add in salt, pepper and/or paprika to taste. You can add more stock or milk, if too thick. Curry is also nice, or add grated cheese for an "au gratin."

Mix in chicken, veggies and "gravy". Pour into baking dish and top with home-made savory crust or store-bought puff pastry. Bake in accordance with pastry instructions.
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  1. Sorry work is so tumultuous. I hope things smooth out soon. That chicken pot pie looks amazing. That is the third time this week someone has talked about having chicken pot pie. I think I need to make some! Maybe I'll use you're recipe.

    I hope your new baby is doing well.

  2. this pot pie looks amazing!! congrats on the new addition. i hope you're recovering well and the whole fam is doing splendidly :o)

  3. Justine -- why are you still doing work right now?!? Can't you just walk away from it all for at least a couple of weeks?! How in the world could anyone be so sensitive about the etiquette on the work you are doing right now?! Are these people crazy? I'm so sorry you are still dealing with work BS. I wish I could push a pause button on that place for you so you can enjoy N!

    How are you feeling otherwise? Are you healing quickly? I hope all is really good, despite the lack of sleep and crazy colleagues who won't leave you alone.

  4. I also can't believe you are still working! You are supposed to be on mat leave?! I am sorry the situation there is so difficult. :(

    The pie looks wonderful and you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend. I hope all is well with you and the family.

  5. That is no fun with work. Sorry to hear that. The pot pie looks so yummy. You do have good friends.

    BTW- Ian was my favorite name for a boy, which won't be having. But love, love that name.

    Take care

  6. how dare your work be torturing you when you JUST had a baby? don't those people have any idea how exhuasting that is? geesh. i'm sorry they're being such horrible pains, & i hope you find some relief from the obnoxiousness soon.

  7. I will chime in with the others - why are you working? How dare they expect you to do anything right now? UGH. I'm sorry they're being such boogers and I hope it gets better soon.

  8. That looks so yummy - I'm glad you have people to take care of you, especially as your workplace is so horrid!

  9. You are such an upstanding individual - it's hard to believe anyone would think you were trying to sabotage your replacements! They sound like jerks. And curse those who have babies who just sleep right through the night from day one - never happened for us (and I'm convinced that those who say their kids do, ARE MAKING IT UP). Anyway, here's to getting some more sleep and trying not to worry about your job . . . easier said then done.

  10. Alright lovely lady, I've been lagging but a couple things for baby N were finally put in the mail yesterday... or the day before. Take a deep breath lovely lady you are doing amazing!

  11. Their comment is laughable. Unbelievable. Not fair that they're pulling this while you're gone, and while you really don't have the ability to respond. I hope it settles down soon - you shouldn't have to worry about this crap during this time (though, I understand that it's impossible not to). As to the pot pie, my tummy says: grumble, grumble:)


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