Thursday, June 25, 2015


About a week ago, we found a frog on our front porch.  Not a live frog, but a small brown plastic frog, which looked deceptively real.  We have a few prankster friends in the neighborhood, and it's not completely unusual for us to leave things on other people's doorsteps (though usually at holiday times), so we laughed at it, and agreed that we'd ask around, trying to get the culprit to confess.

It's possible that we didn't ask the right people, but no one took responsibility.  We decided to leave the frog there.  You know--guard frog.

Today, a second frog showed up on our front porch, on the opposite side of the steps.  This one it made of some heavier material, stone-like, fatter.  It was as if Frog Number One needed a friend.

Part of me is amused.  I wonder who our secret admirer could be.  I wonder why frogs instead of, say, mice.  Or beanie babies.  Or toy dinosaurs.

Another part of me finds this a little freaky.  'Fess up already, frog whisperer.  Just what are you trying to say?

Have you ever had someone leave odd things on your doorstep?  Did you find out who the culprit was?  Do you know who left frogs on my porch?

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  1. No idea who left you the frogs, but I love them and I love frogs! :)
    That is cute that someone has left them for you. I can't think that I've ever left anything on someone's doorstep, but I have sent friends little gifts that make me think of them and let them know I'm thinking of them.
    I hope you find out who it is...or not. And enjoy the mystery.

  2. It's not me. But I wish it was.

    As you may recall, we returned home one day to find a knee-high ceramic cheetah at our door. "What!?", we wondered. turns out our neighbor was doing some Spring cleaning and thought our boys would like it. And he was right. Although we've moved, Cheetah still guards our back door many years later. There is great joy in the unexplained.

  3. I'm dying to know the meaning of your secret frog-leaver!

    (As, I'm sure, are you.)

  4. Frogs are suppose to bring good luck and fortune.

  5. Have you solved the mystery? Is there a follow-up frogger post in the works?


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