Monday, January 4, 2016

#Microblog Monday: On My Sleeves

I never used to wear dresses, preferring instead the pantsuit approach, but when I started working at my current place of employment, I did what people usually do: I started dressing like other people who worked there, hoping to fit in.

Unfortunately, I'm down to two dresses in my closet, so it was time to find another.  I scoured the consignment stores, my local box stores, and the internet.

But have you noticed?  If you live in the Northeastern U.S., someone has decided that women don't need winter wear this year.

Dresses are 3/4 sleeve tunics, only halfway down the leg, presumably to be worn with leggings, but really, not.  Or they're short sleeve or sleeveless affairs, to be worn (I'm assuming?) with a light sweater.

I confess, I'm confused.  Why are women expected to wear less clothing in the winter?  What would happen, I wonder, if we decided that men had to go sleeveless in January?
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  1. Yes! Why can't they make full-sleeve dresses? I have only 2, both sweater material (oh, and also a shirt-dress, crisp cotton) though I have ton of cap-sleeves & sleeveless dresses. I do where the shorter sleeved ones with sweaters/knit jackets. And always always always tights & high (preferably warmly-lined) boots.

  2. Even my daughter's Christmas dress was sleeveless! I mean, really!

  3. So agree! Add in the fact that my students are wearing said dresses and shivering in the lab, and I'm left shaking my head.

    Good luck with your hunt. And I'm embracing the fannel tights this year.

  4. Try for dresses with pockets. You can customize sleeves and necklines.

    Also, develop a small collection of cardigans. It will help your wardrobe bridge seasons.

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  6. The woman's fashion industry has hurt my brain for many years now. My sympathies, trying to shop for new winter clothes in the Northeast (*waves hello from New Hampshire*) - impractical is not the word! *sigh*

  7. I'm a 2-layer person from November through March, and I'm so with you on this. I wanted to get myself a dress and, like you, could not find one that I would actually feel good (read: not shivering) wearing.

    On the flip side, at summer weddings and other events, it's amusing to look around at all the ladies with bare shoulders and arms. The men, otoh, have shirts and jackets on. Ha!

  8. So true. I am a big fan of Etsy. By buying hand made, you can request custom sleeves and support a small business.

  9. I can't do 3/4 sleeves. They throw me off. I'm a wrist or nothing sort of girl. But what about throwing a cardigan over the dress for an extra layer?

  10. I would definitely wear a cardigan or jacket over something like that in the office.

  11. It's because of people like me. What with getting hives when I get too warm, I wear sleeveless year round, and just up the outerwear if I'm chilly. It probably helps that I live in the south, though.

    1. Omg I got a comment through!! Justine, I've been trying, I promise! 😁

  12. I've always kind of wondered why there aren't more long sleeved dresses. It's because they want you to have to buy more clothes! At least that's my theory. ;)


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