Monday, October 20, 2014

#Microblog Monday: True confessions

Even people who take pictures of food sometimes eat microwaved popcorn and peanut butter on a chopstick for dinner.

That would be what happens when your husband is away at a conference, you call the doctor and learn that there's been a cancellation and you could take your daughter to the flu clinic tonight at 6:30 and just get it over with, your son hasn't finished his homework in aftercare, and you have an hour in which to do everything before it's bedtime.*

This would be one of those times I think single parents must be heroic.

I'm pretty sure Sheryl Sandberg and Anne Marie Slaughter never eat popcorn or peanut butter on a chopstick for dinner.

(Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.)

*and thank goodness for a kind friend who is willing to rescue my daughter from day care well before closing time just in case something like a tractor trailer taking out a traffic light happens on the way home, like it did ...
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  1. Oh, wow. What a night. side note: I really need to read Sandbergs book, because I'm finding myself completely in the place that she says we shouldn't end up (choosing between family and career), at least that's what I think her message is. But how do you not end up there unless your spouse decides to put his career on the back-burner?

  2. I ditch the chopstick. Sometimes, it's just easiest to get a scoop up on my finger. As for popcorn, both my husband and my families are popcorn for dinner every Sunday. We keep up the tradition! :)

    And you are so, so right .

  3. You have at least two food groups there. I see no problem with that. Might be easier without the chopstick, though!!

  4. Dude - I own a BAKERY and feed my kids popcorn and PNB on a spoon for dinner. Even moreso NOW since I don't feel like cooking EVER after being in a kitchen all day for work. Frozen pizza is a big deal for us! And where are the photos of the Popcorn and the PNB on a chopstick????? Miss you sister!

  5. Peanut butter on a spoon, yes. But never tried it on a chopstick. That would take a lot of coordination.

  6. I too am impressed that you used a chopstick (despite not really understanding the American obsession with peanut butter). Totally agree tat Sheryl Sandberg is unlikely to ever have to do that.

  7. I would bet money that one or both of them has had popcorn for dinner. (Or lunch at the very least.)

    Also impressed with the chopstick. You don't even have to wash your finger afterwords!

  8. Dh & I almost always go to the movies on Sunday afternoons, generally the first showing. And have popcorn for lunch. Yum!


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