Monday, October 27, 2014

#Microblog Mondays: Twice in a Lifetime

Tomorrow, provided the stars align, my kids get out the door on time, and my commute goes quickly, I will get to be in the audience listening to the Dalai Lama speak.

I tried and failed to get a ticket, but somehow I volunteered myself as a protest monitor, both so I could be a good citizen, and so I could see him again.

I'd seen him once before, in 2005, in the nosebleed seats of a stadium that held some 36,000 people, who sat mostly in hushed silence.  I don't remember too many of the details of that day, but I do remember him as a funny and humble person, who joked about not having to work very hard for his honorary degree, who worried that he would bore the audience his long lecture (because, he claimed, he had nothing new to tell us), who spoke about peace as something that was more than just absence, but active compassion.

I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience.

But really, how can we ever know?

Who would you want to see if you had a once in a lifetime chance to do so?

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  1. I've never thought about seeing the Dalai Lama...If I had the chance, I'd go though. Enjoy!

  2. This is a great question. I'd definitely see the Dalai Lama - more than once! - if I could, too.

  3. I fully recognize the ironies involved in the fact that I felt envy as I read this. The Dalai Lama would be ashamed of me, but then again, he is working on compassion, so perhaps he would understand. I hope you have a great time.

  4. OK. Now I'm going to just keep hitting "refresh" for your next post.

    This is so cool.

  5. Wow... that is a really good question. I've met a lot of the people I'd like to meet. The people I'd most like to listen to speak are all fictional. Which would make it difficult... right?

    What an amazing experience. How was it?

  6. That's so cool! Did you make it to see him Tuesday?


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