Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Put the Lime in the Coconut

In a completely different post than usual for me ...visitors from ICLW, don't judge me just yet.  And read yesterday's post for an intro.

I'm not exactly what you'd call a lush.

In college, while everyone else was going to frat parties, or smuggling kegs into their rooms, or whatever else people who want to get drunk do, my geeky friends and I were playing "psychologist" (this is basically a game in which one person leaves the room, the remaining people decide on rules for answering the absent person's questions, and the absent person returns to the room to figure out what the rules are by asking random questions.  Repeat ad infinitum with very geeky roommates).  At grad school parties, I wandered around with a glass of seltzer in my hand, feeling out of place while everyone else seemed to be on their third Corona.  We occasionally enjoy a glass of wine or a mixed drink around here, but it's not a regular event.

But tonight, I am sipping a cocktail. Alone.  Feeling sorry for myself.

There are two reasons for this.  One: I've been trying to recreate that drink I had at Ninety Acres since we were there two weeks ago.  Two: I'm solo parenting again, and I don't have a pint of ice cream in the house, which is my go-to consolation prize of choice.  (I continue to gain respect and admiration for those of you who do this alone all the time; I think I'd weigh nine hundred pounds.)

In some ways, I'm a better parent when I do it alone.  I have a system ... sort of, anyway.  I know what I need to get done and I become single-minded of purpose.  I can sometimes play on the sympathies of the five year old.  There is slightly less laundry.

And in other ways, I'm a much worse parent when I do it alone.  My fuse is shorter.  I become "all work and no play" mama.  No one likes this version of me.  There are more things I need to remember to do.  And there's no one to pry the clingy baby off of my hip or my leg or wherever she happens to have her death grip at the moment for JUST.  FIVE.  MINUTES.
You put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better ...
 If only it were that simple.

You're welcome.

What's your favorite adult beverage?  Or: if you don't drink, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Curried Lime in the Coconut
My husband was nice enough to make curry simple syrup (though he also hopes to make some crazy drink with it in a month when his Royal Indian Bitters are ready ... they're apparently in the basement ... don't ask).  This still isn't exactly the same as what I had at Ninety Acres, but it's refreshing nonetheless.  If you play with it and come up with a variation you like, write and tell us so.  

2 ounces gin
4 ounces coconut water
3 ounces freshly squeezed lime juice
4 t. curry simple syrup  (see below.  start with less if you like.  You may also be able to use honey with curry well mixed in, if you're opposed to simple syrup)
1 sprig mint

In a shaker filled ¾ of the way with ice, combine gin, coconut water, curry simple syrup, and lime juice.  Shake until cold, strain into a glass filled with ice and garnish with sprig of mint.

Curry Simple Syrup

1 t.. high-quality curry
½ cup boiling water
A few cups of sugar (I've heard you can do this with Stevia)

Combine ingredients in a pot. Gradually add enough sugar while stirring to create 1 cup of liquid.

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  1. yep, when I am a single parent I rarely skip my wine pairings with whatever baby is having for dinner. I treasure that adult glass, even if I rarely finish it. I was heart broken when The Daily Show changed times so I can't watch it just after baby bed time...

  2. I have played "psychologist" before! It is a fun game! :)

    That's cool that you have been trying to recreate that cocktail and I am glad that you enjoyed yours tonight. Cheers!

    My favorite adult beverage is a craft beer or a glass of red wine (lately I am into blends) and my favorite flavor of ice cream is cinnamon.

    As an aside, I see you have changed your header... Very nice! Did you do it yourself?

    I also appreciate the pros and cons you shared about solo parenting at times. Though I too don't know how full times single parents do it day in and day out.

  3. I have never heard of "psychologist": that sounds really fun, actually!

    That drink looks amazing.

    I won't indulge in a cocktail when I'm solo parenting with the kids. I'm afraid of some emergency coming up and me needing my full wits. Because I am way paranoid like that. So, I indulge in food. Usually sushi. We have a delivery place. No wonder I've gained 10 pounds in the last year :(

  4. I rarely need to solo parent but have done it enough to have huge respect for single parents. I think I'm much more consistent when parenting solo.

    My husband will only drink when he can go all out, which if he is lucky happens once a year, so when I want a cocktail I am almost always drinking alone. When I do treat myself it is usually a spicy bloody mary.

    Good ice cream is something we can't get here and I miss it - coffee with heath bars is my favorite. I have even had dreams about Ben and Jerrys.

  5. I haven't had a cocktail since before getting knocked up, but love me some Bourbon!

  6. "Psychologist" actually sounds like a lot of fun! I would most likely be with you and your friends playing. I never really drank till I was 25 or so and then it was all social. For the past 2 years though when I do drink its alone. My Hubby doesn't drink and all my drinking buddies have been either pregnant or breastfeeding. So, when I want something I sit on the couch at home and have a beer or 2. I can't picture myself mixing a drink for only me. Now icecream is another story! When I feel like being bad I have Ben & Jerry's "chubby hubby". That stuff is addicting!

  7. Hi from ICLW, red wine in winter, gin and tonic in the summer and Mojito on holiday! no judgement here :)

  8. Hidy ho from ICLW!

    OMG I love that you just got that song stuck in my head just from reading the title.

    Lemon drops. Hands down. Getting plastered just thinking about it.

  9. Okay, I am all for the flavors in this cocktail. Lately, my go to cocktail of choice is gin and tonic... I just officially got older. I just absolutely adore it, and I can usually have one and feel relaxed/happy.

  10. Psychologist sounds fun to me too!

    I love a glass or two of Rosa Regale, although I've been on a moscato kick lately.

  11. That cocktail sounds amazing! I love red wine and we usually have a glass with dinner. We also like a chilled glass of vodka.

  12. This looks DELICIOUS! Once I'm finished with the breastfeeding I'll have to give this a try!


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